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You're used to getting answers that don't make sense.  For instance after asking, "Abby, where did you learn to dance like that?" you hear,  "Because!  I like to."

You've fallen victim to the kid-induced A.D.D. syndrome otherwise referred to as mommy brain.  The most recent example of this was forgetting to unpack a cooler full of watermelon slices before putting it up in the 100+ degree attic.  Just a public-service announcement to anyone considering doing this - Don't.  Rancid watermelon does not smell like bubblegum.

You prefer the summertime when your kids wear sandals/flip flops because it's an in-your-face reminder to keep their toenails trimmed and pretty.

You know that "It spits the butter went up the water spout" actually means "The itsy, bitsy spider went up the water spout."  And if it doesn't, it's still appropriate for your butter-loving toddler to change the words to meet her preferences.

Your independent toddler is not daunted by normal childhood impediments like being unable to open a string cheese by herself.  That's right.  She just gets the scissors.  Yet another example of the "I do it!" phenomenon.

Your toddler was so proud of getting her shirt on all by herself you didn't have the heart to tell her it was backwards.  So, in spite of your obsessive-compulsive tendencies, she slept like that all night.  Kids are good for curing these types of issues.

Many, many months after your toddler started catapulting herself over the side of the crib, rendering the function of a crib completely useless, you finally made the switch to a toddler bed, and much to your surprise, she handled it like a champ.  Well, she stayed up an extra hour due to uninhibited access to toys, puzzles, and books, which she all carried back to her bed to play with.  And she got up an hour early, just because she could.  But once she fell asleep her little, chubby arm dangled over the edge in a way that made you just want to eat her.  You're calling it a success.

Usually your toddler calls popcorn "pop" and sometimes just "corn", and occasionally, it's a mashup of "porn".  As in, "Mommy, I want porn.:"  As a result, you try to avoid popcorn in public and keep laughing at her in the privacy of your own home.

You don't own your own derby car racetrack, but that doesn't stop your seven year old from making one out of the big pile of bricks and leftover wood in your backyard.

You love the dichotomy of your four year old in a dress on the playground with all boys, wielding a stick and not just a tiny bit of attitude.

When your four year old says, "Trust me", you find it incredibly hard to do so.


Debbie said...

I just LOVE this one, Jennie. It's way too full of favorites to crown a single one. I love the picture of Sarah sleeping. It gave me a gitch in my heart when I saw it.

Love this:
"Rancid watermelon does not smell like bubblegum."
I like it when I can literally laugh out loud while reading a blog. I'll return a tip that a pumpkin left so long on the top of a china cabinet that it is no longer seen but smelled is no picnic either. Don't ask me how I know this.

Wonder where Ben gets his creative engineering gene? Grammie?

I just plain loved the entire post. Publishable!

shellycmac said...

I always love to read your mom thoughts. :D

Debbie's comment about the pumpkin reminded me of our pumpkin experience. Did you know that the acids from a pumpkin left too long on a porch will eat right through cement? We no longer sit our jack-o-lanterns directly on the porch. They sit on a trash bag for easy clean up.

Chrystal's Corner said...

Every time I read your mommy things I am blessed! There is something so great about universal mommy things that tie us all together.
Love the "porn" one - about a year ago my then 2 1/2 year old used to call rootbeer just beer. So when we went out to eat and he wanted to try to order by himself he would tell the waitress proudly, "Me have beer!" We would always try to talk over him, "Yes, Jordan, you want ROOTbeer!" (and rootbeer was only for the rare occasion we ate out...I know I don't need to justify this but I can't help myself:)

Sharon said...

The watermelon - OUCH! I once discovered a gray fuzz-ball in a roll-top desk in like July. After much contemplation, and some forensic work that would make CSI jealous, I finally figured out it was a small pumpkin left in there since the previous October - (I see that Debbie understands THAT unique smell...)

Love how kids mispronounce things!! Porn - HA, love it. Reminds me of my oldest son - he renamed all of us in the family after Muppet characters. My sister was Miss Piggy - we got some *looks* when he'd call out for her, "Hey, Pig..." It was even worse when he called his dad, "Animal..."

Sarah sleeping - "The Eye of the Storm"
Abby on the playground - "I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar"
Ben - "A Modern-day MacGyver"

Love you all!


Denise said...

The picture of Sarah sleeping is priceless. She looks like a little angel. I do love your mom things. Once again, thanks for sharing.

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