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The fourth and final park in our Disney adventure was Hollywood Studios (which I couldn't stop referring to all week as Universal Studios, which is not the same thing...it was very Joyce-like of me).  This will be the shortest post of all of the Disney-related posts for a variety of reasons:  it's the smallest park, it was pouring rain the first day we went so I didn't take my camera, and the second day we went we left shortly after lunchtime.

If I could post one picture about my predominant memory of Disney's Hollywood Studios,  it would be this one:

Those are our ponchos, drying as they lay draped over the backseat of the van.  Coupled with our umbrellas, we stayed dry enough, but it was a cold, cold rain (atypical for Florida), so our tootsies were frozen in our flip flops as we waded through the inches of water puddling here and there.  Not so much a review of the park, but a recollection of our own personal experience.  And just a word of advice - always bring ponchos & umbrellas in the event it rains.

Despite the rain, it was packed at Hollywood Studios.  I think it's just that way, regardless, because the park is so much smaller than the others.

In the rain we caught a bunch of shows - The Little Mermaid, Indiana Jones' Stunt Show, the Lights! Motors! Action! Extreme Stunt Show (with cars) that was even more impressive in the deluge, and Disney Junior Live on Stage (which, showcasing a bunch of Playhouse Disney shows like Little Einsteins, Jake & the Neverland Pirates, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, was awesome).  We watched a 3D Muppet movie (during which Ben asked, "What's a muppet?" and I felt simultaneously sad and old).  And basically hung out indoors.  Most everything that was outside was closed anyway.   We did manage to ride the Tower of Terror, and got Fastpasses for The Rockin' Rollercoaster, but it broke down while the boys were in line.

When we came back a few days later, we spent our time on the headliners.  Ben absolutely loved the Tower of Terror and I think he was impressed with the Rockin' Rollercoaster, but maintained that Expedition Everest was the best ride at all the parks.

We went directly to Toy Story Mania for Fastpasses but we weren't going to be able to return until nearly 4pm, and we hadn't planned on staying that long, so we endured the alleged 60 minute wait.  There is plenty to look at in the line.  And what amazes me about Disney World in general, is how detailed every, single thing is.  Right down to the giant prop crayons, with paper peeled off.  That's amazing, right?


The ride was awesome, but we voted as a family and we think Buzz Lightyear's ride at the Magic Kingdom is just as fun - and the wait is not as long.  So, take that how you will.  We rode Buzz's ride about five times in two days.  We only managed to ride Toy Story Mania once.  And the rides are very similar to each other.

On our way between attractions, we stopped for a cameo in front of Lightning McQueen & Mater.

We walked through the Honey I Shrunk the Kids set/playground (which again made me feel old).  Check Abby out as she plowed into the kid below her.  She got in trouble.  (But I think the boy who took too long to get out of the way was halfway responsible.  Sound just like a mom, don't I?)

Then we waited on the boys at the Rockin' Roller Coaster.  For the record, this day, it felt like we were in Orlando, Florida.  

And what girl can resist trying on wigs?  


The Rockin' Roller Coaster was the last ride the boys rode before we departed from our inaugural Disney vacation.  It's also the first time in a week we thought we might have lost a kid, due to Sam and Ben getting split up in the single-rider line.  Ben got off about 5 rounds after Sam.  PHEW.

To sum up (I think you might know what's coming), Disney is awesome!

P.S. - We'd have been far less efficient during our trip without the guidance of The Unofficial Guide to Walk Disney World.   It was a huge help!


Sharon said...

More fun!!

Ben rode the Tower of Terror?? OK, he's a brave one! I mentioned the Tower of Terror in one of my posts last week. Trying to capture what it felt like to be terrified and elated at the same time!! Did you go on the ride? Really scary...(really fun :)

Yes, I'd have to agree - the people at Disney are amazingly methodical. They do indeed capture the minute details. I think that's one of the reasons it's so fun to go - even as an adult. Because it's such *real* fantasy!

I love make-believe...

Glad you had fun at the Studios!!


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