Skinny Marinky Dinky Dink...Skinny Marinky Doo...More Mom Things for You

After hearing you, once again, mention your not-so-secret disdain for the neighbor's cat, your four year old looks at you and innocently says, "Why don't you like the cat to pee on your decorations?" as if it's the most reasonable, non-obvious question one could ever ask.

During your Easter picture session, you took no less than 500 pictures attempting the perfect picture of your three kids for posterity.  Thanks to gnats, a blazing sun, and stickers in the grass, it proved slightly difficult.  Here are some of the "fruits" of the labor:

You have found a spot in your kitchen, where, if you open the pantry door and stand at the counter, you can eat all the Cheetos you want while going unnoticed by the kids who are playing in the playroom.

Two skinned knees and a goose-egg on the head by 8:30am is par for the course.

As you watched your toddler happily sitting in a rocking chair, eating fruit snacks, you were able to witness her completely unprompted, totally random, face-first tumble off the front.  And you were not at all surprised that she sacrificed the rest of her body to make sure that her fruit snacks didn't spill onto the ground.  This is, apparently, a one year old who has no confidence in the germ-protection of the 5-second rule.

Your first grader has officially read more Harry Potter books than you.

Along with witnessing your girls become best friends on your stint as a stay-at-home mom, you've also had the privilege of watching the beginnings of a very strong mentor-mentee relationship. 

There is not one iota of fear in your toddler's little body.  You know because you saw her do this at the tip-top of your playground:
(Yes, she's standing on the arm of a lawn chair, in an apparent attempt to launch herself over the side.)
The competitor inside of you beamed with pride at the seriousness with which your completely passive first grader participated in his Field Day events.  (Dang, boy!)
In a pinch, your baby's t-shirt and a pair of undies can double as a bathing suit for your four year old.  There is one problem though...

I guess I could show you some of the good pictures too...

Hope you all had a blessed Easter and celebrated our sweet redemption through the grace and resurrection of our Savior.


Melissa said...

Great pictures. Did you read the manual for your DSLR? I've got one recently and I know I never will. But I'd like to. Great post.

Sharon said...

Jennie - I just loved this one. You took me to the pinnacle of giggledom, and then brought me to the peaceful meadow of "Awwww..."

You have the most precious (and precocious) children! I remember those *photo sessions* with the boys when they were little. Like you, there were gems in there - and even the outtakes were wonderful memories!

Sarah - that girl is destined for...I'm not sure what. But she's going to be a tiger getting there!

Abby - She's a wonderful mentor. Is she teaching Sarah how to chase butterflies, too?

And Ben - you GO, young man!!

My biggest laugh? The Cheetos...

Looks like you had a wonderful Easter - we did, too. And yes, it is a sweet redemption that we celebrate!


Debbie said...

These are wonderful, and the picture of the kids with Ben's arm around Sarah is one of my favorite pictures you have ever posted.

He gets my crown this week for not only being a competitive ball jumper but reading more Harry Potter books than I have ever read either.

I was so good to see your little family in the flesh at Easter!

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