You Know You're a Mom When's-Day

Just moments after emerging from an oh-so-needed shower, you find both of your forearms covered in an unidentifiable sticky substance after a split-second hug with any of your kids.  Because they're all equally likely to be the sticky bandit.

You know from personal experience that there is no fix for Jet-Dry on a laptop keyboard.  No matter how quickly you dismantle and clean it.

You have reached the day where your toddler no longer removes her diaper in a civilized manner (if there is such a thing), but instead has resorted to ripping it to shreds, She-Ra style. 

About a day after you wash the bathroom rugs, you always re-realize that you probably should've gone with a color besides practically-white in a house with three kids.

While pondering potential, future careers for your children, you have the most fun with your toddler's possibilities.  Among the front-runners right now:  tight-rope walker, stunt woman, and crash test dummy.  This is in stark contrast to her older brother who will make an excellent litigator, and her older sister who will likely be some sort of backpacking artist.

You decide that among the most magnificent sights in the life of a parent is watching all the kids get along, even if only briefly.  It's even better when they're all getting along because the older one is reading to the younger two.

You've had to resort to dead-bolting all of your doors, or else you're standing at the stove cooking, look across the kitchen to the window and see this:

And even this (in case you can't tell, she's sprinting her little heart out toward that playground):

You had no idea how cute and rewarding it would be to watch your four year old run laps at soccer practice.  (Go Abby Go!)

You've watched history repeat itself.  Just two short years ago, your toddler's big sister discovered the joy of shaking little stick trees on the very same soccer field.  And now...even though they're a little thicker, it didn't stop this girl from trying.

Tree shaking circa April 2009...

You've learned that there are two kinds of silence.  The peaceful kind when you know the kids are asleep, and the super-scary kind with which lurks the promise of mischief when the kids are most definitely not asleep.


Hawklady said...

My kids are all kinds of quiet when they are into some sort of mischief!

Anonymous said...

love it! as always! Cori

Debbie said...

I'm sitting at Starbucks after waiting for hours for the power to come back on. Does that mean I'm sadly obsessed with being behind in blog stalking? I think maybe yes.

I love the picture of the tree shaking. That should be framed and put side by side somewhere.

My favorite picture of ALL is the girls looking in the window. I love that about as much as the one in your header.

She-Rah style? That made me giggle.

(And for the record, your recent comment over "there" made me cry. It really did. )

Debbie said...

And your Big Brother thing over on the side just said that I was from Miami. Who knew? I must be traveling like a Trekki. I always wanted to do that.

Sharon Kirby said...

I loved the photo of the escaped convicts. I think the cute blonde is the mastermind - and the short one probably picks the locks.

I'm sorta leaning toward stunt woman for She-Ra. (Gosh that brought back memories. My oldest son loved HeMan).

I agree with Debbie - those two tree-shaking pictures should be framed and put side by side. Too adorable.

You know what cracked me up about your last sentiment? I so remember those days - and now I'm reliving them with my sons' beagle. Just babysat him for two days, and yes, there's that creeping sensation up my spine that niggles into thought - "Uh oh, he's too quiet."

Which for beagles usually means eating something they shouldn't, getting into somewhere they shouldn't be, or running wildly amok in another room. Hmmm...sounds like your kids, after all. Go figure!!

Love all of you!

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