Today, I don't want to flash back.

Today, I'm living in the present.

I've got a little spring in my step (pun intended).  It's the last day of winter, and it is gorgeous outside.  Sure, I'm inside my little office right now, but thanks to Spring Forward (wait, did I just admit to being thankful for losing an hour of sleep?), I can go home and enjoy some 70+ degree sunshine.

I get more than a little excited when Spring hits.  Though my allergies and sinuses never agree with my heart and my brain on the subject, springtime in the South is simply AMAZING.  I do it every year.  I profess my love for spring via some sort of media.  So, apparently I'm doing it again.

The jonquils are in bloom.  The Bradford pear trees are budding their white puffs.  The sky is a beautiful blue.  My drive home will include windows down and the radio turned up.  Sprinkled among the days of 70 degree sunshine, there will be rain showers that will wash a river of pollen off of our cars and down the curb of our road.  There will be the return of the gnats and the mosquitoes, but that just means that it's time to play outside (and break out the bug spray).  The constant struggle with high-water pants for the kids will be a distant memory as we convert exclusively over to shorts.  This weekend kicks off the Cherry Blossom Festival, self-dubbed Pinkest Party on Earth, which stands as the "official" sign of springtime here in central Georgia.  Though the entire household has gotten through the winter generally unscathed by sickness, I can breathe a sigh of relief with every day deeper into spring we go.  Good riddance, winter germs!  I'm probably weird (nay, definitely weird), but I look forward to mowing the lawn, playing in the gardens, planting our vegetables.

This love affair with Spring lasts about two weeks.  Until the 70 degree temperatures skip over the 80's altogether and turn into the 90's, and there they stay until the middle of October.  But you know what?  I can even deal with that.  (For now, until it gets here.)  Dare I say, I think I'm getting used to these dreadful Georgia summers.

Mostly I love Spring because of the smiles.  (Okay, fine, so this is a flashback to last March.)

May you all have a wonderful early spring as predicted by General Beauregard Lee (the no-less-important relative of Punxsutawney Phil).

Happy Spring, everyone! 


Debbie said...

I very much agree with the way you feel. And just FYI we happen to BE right smack dab in the middle of that pink festival this weekend.

Lovin' it.

jade said...

I hope that I can write this same article in a matter of weeks :) Although even though there is still a few feet of snow here, the weather is generally getting nicer and I can feel my mood lightening a bit :) YAY for spring!

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