President's Day - A Month Late

We all know I like to procrastinate anymore.  So what if President's Day was February 15th?  I'm posting about it now.  A month late is pretty good for me these days.   That's about the soonest you'll get a birthday, anniversary, or even a Christmas greeting/gift from me.  (My apologies in advance.)

There's not much to post by way of words in celebration of President's Day.

It's just that you never know what you'll find in that Wednesday folder of papers.  Last week in addition to the poem about being fat, Ben had created a rendering of our current Commander in Chief.

If you ask me, he kind of nailed it.

(The only thing in question would be the uni-brow and the mustache - and perhaps the lack of a nose.  But I try not to be such a stickler, after all, he is in kindergarten.)

So there you have it.  Happy President's Day (a month ago)!

P.S.- "Beware the Ides of March" as that is actually appropriate on today's date.  Look at me go!  On time for something.


Anonymous said...

Don't think it is a unibrow... think it is a botched first attempt at a nose... little kids always just scribble it out when using crayons or markers. I'm thinking the mustache is his 2nd botched version. Ha!!

Written by an elementary teacher.

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