The Mom Things - Happy St. Patty's Day!

You've sat in the backseat en route to church on Sunday morning so you could finish getting the kids ready.  You know - putting bows in hair, cleaning breakfast off faces, putting shoes on.  Those kinds of things.

As you drop your son off at the front of the elementary school an avalanche of toys falls out of the van onto the curb.

You are secretly relieved that your 10 month old will eat french fries.  Not that you plan on providing them to her at every meal, but it does make dining out an easier experience.  (Especially on the heels of a child who still won't even look at a french fry.)

You've had difficulty packing for a trip because you can't seem to keep your kids out of their new favorite toy:  the suitcase.

You dread "Spring Forward" even worse than you did back in the high school days.  Losing that hour means waking zombies up in the morning and convincing unwilling zombies to go to sleep while it's still light outside.  It goes without saying that this is no easy task.  (Although there was that one year where your daughter had started waking up at 5am anyway, weeks before losing that hour.  So when the old 5am became the new 6am, life actually got better for you.)

You've laughed hysterically at some of those accidental, oh-so-embarrassing mispronunciations.  Like when your son used to tell everyone you were going to the b*tch (beach) or when your daughter announced that her Grammie's favorite restaurant is "Hallow P*nis" (Jalapeno's) .

You've fractured some part of your foot on a lego, Polly Pocket accessory, or plastic army man.  (Okay, so maybe it wasn't an actual fracture, but it felt like it at the time.)

After pitching a 10-minute fit the morning before because she "didn't want apple juice", as you hand your daughter a cup of apple juice for breakfast you hear her reply, "Ohhh, I love apple juice today!"

You know you can't get your daughter enrolled in dance fast enough when immediately upon hearing the So You Think You Can Dance theme song she runs to grab her tutu.

Because you just mopped yesterday and you refuse to do it again (already), you've tracked a grape jelly/syrup/juice drip trail halfway across your house with a dishrag and bottle of spray cleaner.  Afterward, you consider that it might have been easier to re-mop.


Anonymous said...

I am so with you!!! Life's little treasures give you pleasures (usually hindsight. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!!

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