As explained by a two-year old...

After a harried morning of maybe-fevers, breakfast in the bathtub, and packing lunches while the kids waited for me strapped in their seats, we finally arrived at the daycare. Phew.

Another car pulled into the parking spot next to me, and while applying my dulled-scratching-my-eyelid eyeliner in the visor mirror, I noticed the little boy out of the corner of my eye. He looked about Abby's age, so I said to her, "Is he in your class?" She looked at him for a second and said, "That's Skye."

Pause for a sec. I should clarify that I'm not all that familiar with the kids in her new class yet. When she was promoted after summer, they scattered the kids from her old classroom among 3 new rooms. So, there are several different new kids that I don't yet know. I am, however, 100% positive that this little boy was *not* Skye.

I said to her, "Abby, I don't think that's Skye." She, of course, insisted. What 2 year old (or 5 year old or 25 year old) doesn't like to argue? We went round and round a couple of times.

Pause again. It amazes me that these kids know every parent in their classroom. Whenever I go to pick up Abby in the afternoons and she doesn't notice me first, there is a whole chorus of "Abby, your Mommy's here!" and "Hi, Abby's Mama!" and "Look, Abby! Your Mommy!!!" Just yesterday, Abby announced a child's arrival based on the vehicle that showed up in the parking lot. "Look, Mommy, there's Reese." When I asked her how she knew, "That's Reese's daddy's van." Too cool.

Anyway, the mother got out of the car next to us, as I had made my way around the van with Abby to get Sarah out. There stood the four of us, almost touching each other. Abby stares quizzically at the pair of them for a moment. Then, as if a lightbulb goes off, she turns to me and announces, "Skye got a new Mommy!"

Yeah, Abby, I'm thinking that just wasn't Skye.

Oh to have the reasoning capabilities of a two-year old...


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