Simple Pleasures: Worn Out Sneakers

As "late" as Debbie was to the simple pleasures party this week, she wasn't the last. Leave it to me to come in as everyone else is leaving.

Hey, I've never claimed to be punctual.

I do have the excuses of Thursday morning Bible study and having to take breakfast for that as well as snack for my son's first grade class this morning.  Then there's the added pressure of Mrs. Debbie's Miss Whimsy coming over tonight to watch those three rowdy kids, and I would hate for my unkempt house to end up on her blog some day.  I can see it now - "How not to keep your house tidy."  Or something like that.  (I know she wouldn't actually do that.  I just have a wild imagination.)

Honestly, I can't really blame the late-ness on those things.  Truth be told, this is as early as it was going to get for me.

I wasn't sure what I was going to do for my simple pleasure this week, but as I tidied up in preparation for Miss Whimsy coming over tonight, I stumbled across these:

We call them Ben's Play Shoes.  Once upon a time, they were new.  And we would tell him, "Go put on your nice tennis shoes."  Say, for school, or maybe to wear to church on Wednesday night.  But as time progressed, they got a little worn in as he splashed through puddles, tripped on asphalt, used the toes as alternatives to the brakes on his bike, traipsed through that "beloved" Georgia red clay, and apparently refused to tie his shoelaces.

And now - they look like this.  That's right - daylight coming through the toes.  My favorite part is when he decides to wear colorful socks and the red toes peek through.  He just wears these around the neighborhood to ride his bike and play with the other rambunctious little boys whose shoes are in equal disrepair, so I don't have to be embarrassed about it. 

The reason these well-worn worn-out sneakers are my simple pleasure this week is two-fold.  Number one - the represent everything that being a little boy is all about.  They are dirty, ragged, broken-in.  They've run a million miles through who-knows-what and most likely enjoyed every single minute of it.  They even bring home some of the who-knows-what with them.  See...just take a look inside.  There's a little pile of dirt in there.

The second reason these shoes are my simple pleasure goes back to my frugal roots.  They aren't name brand shoes.  When they end up looking like this after a couple of months, what would be the point of spending that kind of money?  But still, he squeezed every penny's worth out of the fifteen dollars we paid for them.  And they fulfilled their purpose - just as they should for a seven year old boy.

The price of a happy childhood couldn't be paid any more appropriately.

So when I feel grumpy about his red toes peeking through, I will remind myself of this fact.  Shoes aren't meant to last forever.  And, Oh the places they'll takes us.

Join me for more Simple Pleasures at Dayle's Simple Pleasures Party today.  (I promise you won't get in trouble if you're later than me!)


Denise said...

So happy to see parents let little boys be little boys. All I see is fun, fun, fun on those thoroughly worn shoes.

As for Miss Whimsy, she's really a go with flow kind of girl. And boy does she love to watch kids!

Debbie said...

Bless your heart. You're scraping the bottom of the barrel for babysitters aren't ya? Lock up your chocolate.

I love this! I am trying to decide if it's my favorite simple pleasure yet. I agree so much with every word you said.

I love this part:
"Shoes aren't meant to last forever. And Oh the places they will take us."

That might end up as my relevant quote some day. I would just need to blog about old shoes first.

I have been trying to stop by here since Tuesday when I read your comment about LIW. I have two words for you: FARMER BOY. Start Ben off with that one since it's about Almanzo.

It's a great read aloud book too, all except one boring chapter. I can't remember which one it is, but Laura could probably tell you which one. If you're reading aloud, you can just...um... paraphrase.

I'm saying all that because as a girl, you might have skipped that one. I did.

And I'm excited about the job fair!! I know you love math and engineering, but you have a huge creative side of the brain which would fit a classroom too, you well rounded thing, you.

Now, I'm off to see if I missed a "Mom Things".

Kay K said...

Nothing like comfy shoes and name brands mean nothing they wear just the same !

Sharon Kirby said...

My favorite part was the little pile of dirt in the shoes!

You know, the little English major in me pictured a story about talking shoes - telling about all the adventures they had with Ben's feet. Isn't there something just SO MUCH FUN about boys being boys?!

Shoes can be replaced - a happy childhood? Priceless.

My simple pleasure was being here this week - (Oh, OK...you too, Debbie)


Simply Be... said...

What wisdom! I like this very much :-)
It's amazing what the Lord can use to teach us important lessons about life!
God bless you..Trish

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh I love this post! Everything from the dirt-in-the-shoe photo to the sweet sentiment about shoes not lasting forever and the places they'll take us.
Next time my 7 year old son's shoes start looking like this I will have to remember this post.
Stopping by from the Simple Pleasures party.

Dayle said...

Jenny, I loved this post. It speaks to me of so many things ... the brevity of childhood being one of them. I always enjoy seeing what you've brought to the party. This is a winner.

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