Mom Things - Heavy on the Sarah-isms This Go Round

You thought about going to check on your ailing four year old, but since you could hear her sawing logs from all the way in the living room, you saved yourself the trip down the hall.  She was obviously sleeping soundly.

When the snoring subsided you checked on her only to see this...

...at which point you hoped there was a child somewhere in that heap of pillows and blankets.

You've heard of people devouring books, but your toddler doesn't seem to understand figures of speech and quite literally eats her Daddy's work-homework.  (Thanks for the inspiration on this one, Diane.)

Speaking of devouring things, your toddler is either part rat or part goat.  After hearing a request for a honey bun by her older sister, she helped herself and opened it herself - with her teeth.

You find that kind of independence is actually preferable to the time the very same toddler appeared next to your recliner with a bag of unopened raisins, an adult-sized pair of scissors, and a pleading look in her eye.  At least you learned where not to keep the scissors.

You feel simultaneously triumphant and emotionally exhausted when, at the end of a 2.5 hour throwdown between you and your toddler at naptime, the 21-month old is snoring in her bed and you are finally able to do anything but stand guard by her door and return her to her bed.  She might be stubborn, but you are more stubborn (insert evil maniacal laughter here).

That crib tent is looking better and better by the minute.

You thoroughly enjoyed a trip to the grocery store with just your seven year old.  He came in handy for counting mega-event items and provided entertainment in the form of random exclamatory remarks about how "awe-uh-some" various products are.  (When your kids are amused by groceries, you know you're doing something right.)

As a reward for his helpfulness, you let your son pick a prize (within reason).  His choice?  A 99 cent bag of cotton balls for his art projects.  And that confirms it - you are definitely doing something right with that one.

You just never know what the topic of conversation will be at the dinner table, but when it turns to Moses and the plagues inflicted on Egypt, it gets unappetizing...in a hurry.  Thanks for that, Ben.  Thanks a lot.

When your pediatrician was unsuccessful at prying your toddler's mouth open with a tongue depressor and proclaimed, "Wow.  She's really strong!" you're not sure she meant it as a compliment...but you took it as one anyway.

Your mostly-always-half-naked toddler has caused you to pause and reconsider your stance on plumber pants.  After all, that's a little bit cute, right?  (Maybe that really is just a Mom Thing.)

Posting these early this week (at least, early for me).  I have a 2nd interview tomorrow (Wednesday) at 2pm, and I would love if you would keep me in your thoughts and prayers, please and thanks!


Sharon Kirby said...

Oh Jennie - how I treasure the laughter you bring to my life! (You'll just have to thank Sarah on this one, too!)

I clicked the link for the crib tent - my husband thinks I'm nuts, I laughed THAT LOUD! Goat girl seems to have a preference for honey buns - at least it's better than chewing on random boxes - (does that child need more fiber in her diet?!)

And, I think Sarah would make a perfect plumber or cable TV installer - just sayin'

Will be praying for the interview - please keep me posted.

Love you all, and GOD BLESS!

Debbie said...

I love the plumber pants the best of all!
Sarah even came in second place this week with the pleading look and scissors.

I'm as excited as I can be about the second interview! I'll be praying this morning for poise and confidence from you and favor from God.

Because it's true, you know. You ARE doing something right.

Denise said...

This post was SO funny! You have such a wonderful writing style and quite frankly a great topic...your kids! Clearly you're doing a LOT right.

Good luck at the interview. I'll be praying for sure. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Diane said...

You're welcome, Jennie! :-) and good luck at the interview!

CLewis said...

Great stuff as always! Will be praying for your interview:)

Sharon Kirby said...

Here I am checking in at 2:22 your time.

Lord, be with Jennie RIGHT NOW!! Help her to be calm and collected. And confident. If this is the job you want her to have, Lord, we know that You will open all the doors for her. Make Your will very apparent. Bless her family, and bless her as a mom, Lord. She is a treasure of yours - and I so appreciate her friendship. Give her peace about this day, and a restful spirit - knowing that You have her in Your hands.


You go, girl!!

Emily said...

Those were so fun to read! And I had the same problem with tongue depressors at the doctor with Brooklyn...for whatever reason, she wouldn't open her mouth and had to be held down with her nose plugged (she got strep a lot, so there was reason for that being necessary-swabbing it)...it wasn't until she was four and her doctor mentioned looking for princesses that she willingly (albeit hesitantly) opened her mouth. FOUR Years...I do hope it gets easier for you!

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