A (Not So) Shameless Plug

Last week, I posted a Braggity Brag about being spotlighted on my friend Sarah's blog

This week, she's hosting a giveaway!  So I'm encouraging you all to go over and check it out, if you would be so inclined.  Sarah's beautiful daughter served as the model for *her* friend, Sarahbell's Etsy Store.  Her stuff is gorgeous! 

(That's a lot of Sarahs, but it's a wonderful name, if I might say so myself.  And mine is a completely unbiased opinion.)

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


Hawklady said...

Thanks Jennie!

Debbie said...

I entered. I always enter giveaways. I always lose too so don't worry that I'm going to steal your cute little crocheted make up bag.

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