13 Reasons My Newborn *MIGHT* Be an Old Man

It's cool.  I love old men (and I mean that in as non-creepy a way possible).

13 Reasons Noah Might Be an Elderly Man

He is completely oblivious to the fact that the clothes on his body don't match at all.  
(Hey, we don't care either.  Yay hand-me-downs!)

He passes gas and carries on.

His earlobes are totally floppy.

He falls asleep sitting up...and just in the strangest positions in general.

He's got hairy ears.  (Of course, his are fuzzy and cute.)

He gets pretty grumpy (understatement of the year) when it's time to eat and dinner isn't ready (because it's running around the kitchen trying to get dinner ready for the other six people in the house and it "only" took an hour and forty-five minutes to finish the easy meal that was prepped the night before).

He has a receding hair line.

The hair that he does have?  Out of this world.

He's got a little bit of a staring problem.

He makes audible grunting noises when he changes positions.

He snores like a lumberjack.  (Or a sweet, purring kitten, maybe.)

He wears diapers.  (Sorry, it's true.)

Chicks dig him.
(Dudes dig him too.  This boy doesn't need a bath because he's constantly showered in kisses.)

I did it!  I posted a blog post!  Phew.  I'm exhausted.  Time for another cup of coffee and to pound out a couple of school assignments with the kids.  Have a great day, all!  Stay warm.


Sharon said...

Jennie, precious Jennie - what an adorable post! I love hearing about the new nuances of Noah - uniquely himself, undeniably a Shep. What a blessing your family is.

Hope you're not getting too tired. Sounds like it's joyous chaos at your house, but you're still (mostly) in charge!

I'm so eager to hear about your *peeps* and all the shenanigans that I love reading about - when you have that spare time that you always seem to have - hmmm.

My love to all of you, and GOD BLESS!

CA Shammie

Debbie said...

He is just as beautiful as he can be! I can't believe how grown he looks in only a month or so age.

I think he looks a lot like Leah, but I do have to say that in the blue carrier picture where he is staring, he is a dead ringer for D.O. in church.

(He doesn't read this, right? Right?)

You have such an awesome way with words, and you notice the small stuff. I would love to be a fly on the wall at your house and listen to the whole bunch of you just yammering about life. I'll bet it is nonstop.

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