Merry Christmas, Happy New Year! (And Happy 1 Month, Noah!)

Well, my fine friends, 2013 has come and nearly gone.  I hope that your holidays have been absolutely splendid.  We are still in the throes of our Christmas vacation, so spending a bunch of time blogging is not an option.  However, I wanted to send out our Christmas newsletter to each and every one of my adoring fans dear, blog-reading friends, even if only virtually.  If you care to read the "really important" memorable moments from the past year, follow this link -   

Our 2013 Christmas Letter

And if you don't...pshh...your loss.  (Ha!)

Happy Last-Couple-of-Days-of-2013 from my family to yours!!

And Happy One Month Birthday to my adorable, fussy-pants Noah!   


Sharon said...

Hoping all of you had a wonder-full Christmas! And my very best wishes for a blessed and fun and exciting New Year!

Looking forward to any and all stories from the Sheps.

Love you all!


Lindsay said...

Love how you did the holiday newsletter! Thats really cute!

Debbie said...

Merry Christmas Herd of Sheps!

I heard that you went to Maryland with the whole herd, and I'm so proud of you for tackling that with Noah still so little.

I can't wait to see him. I think he looks very Sheppy with maybe a little Leah/Joyce around the eyes? Anyway, that's what I'm seeing. If you would bring him for show and tell, I would know better. Hrmph.....

You rock, Jennie Shepherd. Thanks for being such a great model for me to hold up to younger women.

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