45 and counting...

So December is no NaBloPoMo for me.  It's not that I've been overwhelmed.  It's just that I've been enjoying December to the fullest - or at least trying to.  Full disclosure requires that I inform you that I've been excessively weepy as I enter the third trimester this pregnancy go-round.  Hormones and all of that. 

I counteract the hormones by staying comfortable and trying to stay distracted.  Comforts involve drinking decaf hot tea with honey, wearing my red maternity yoga pants for days in a row (taking them off only to wash them), and taking rests on the floor because somehow my back feels better down there than even in my big comfy green chair.  Distractions involve things like cookie baking, advent activity doing, and remembering, in the back of my mind, that little 101 List.

Back on December 5th, the family and I took a trip halfway across the state of Georgia to Callaway Gardens where we, for the 3rd year in a row, ventured to their display known as the Fantasy of Lights.  In year's past, it was freezing.  That's all part of the experience.  You load up your bundled family in a row of the Jolly Trolley where you drive through a display of animated lights set to music.

Well, gee, when I put it that way it doesn't exactly sound quite so magical.  Just take my word for it.  It's awesome. 

Sam and I must really think so especially based on the fact that for the past two years little Sarah was hysterical unless I nursed her.  So that I did.  This year, there was no nursing.  In fact, this year it was warm, not crowded, and we had three children completely captivated by the attraction.  It completely "erased" (if you will) any trauma from past years. 

The night wasn't perfect, however.  Not only did I forget the camera and the DVD of Christmas movies we had planned to watch in the van, but we forgot these....

Those would be the tickets.  We remembered them about an hour into the drive.  (Luckily it wasn't a problem.  They reprinted them for us.)

After I was bummed about the camera, I realized that I didn't take any pictures in previous years either, short of these last year...

Look at those cheeks and that gaping Samuel mouth.  CUTE!

No matter, I guess.  I've got pictures right up here (as I tap my overgrown noggin').  

The point of this post?  To let you know that the list item called, "Make Callaway Gardens an annual Christmas tradition" has been completed.  

Grand total:  45 out of 101

Slow and steady wins the race?


Debbie said...

I was thinking the other day that I wish we could take a trip there as a family this year. I have't been in years, and I love it.

So, your only picture of the moment for two years running is one that makes Super Dad look like he's wearing a pearl earring? That's sad, Jennie, really sad.

And at least you have time to finish your list. My date is less than a week away, and I am clearly not going to make it. I don't like to fail at anything, but apparently, I'm learning how to be a proficient failure since it's all I've done this year.

And she signs in deep self pity...

Sharon said...

You go, Tortoise Girl.

Debbie's right - it does look like Sam's wearing an earring. (She's wrong about the whole "she's a failure thing" by the way.

Sometimes, Jennie, the best pictures are the ones that live in our minds and hearts forever. Treasure those -


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