I'll probably be pretty scarce this week.  We've taken our annual beach trip to the sunny shores and emerald waters of Destin, Florida.  It's fall break for the kids, and it's off-season so we love the sparser crowds and lower prices.  But, we also did this so we'd have an excuse not to go to the Georgia National Fair.  What we failed to remember is that we'd drive right past it on the way to and from the beach, thereby reminding the kids about it.  (I should mention that Sam and I are not big fair-going people.)

But we are fair people.  And by that, I mean, we are pale.  Almost as pale as a particularly dear family of "pasty-white redheads" that I know.  (I use quotations on that because it's their self-given title, not one that I've assigned to them.) 

Needless to say, we're on Day 1 of our family beach-going vacation and after 4 hours of perfect sunny, 80-degree, and breezy weather, each of us has a random sunburn spot (or a dozen) to show for our time on the sand.

My oldest son was kind enough to pose for a picture just to prove that I'm not making this up.  (I mean, he "posed" after he told me he didn't want me to take a picture of him and ran into the bathroom to hide for a couple of minutes.)

 Poor little raccoon eyes.  Or sad clown eyes.  Your choice.  I do that to at least one kid every year.

At any rate, like I said, I'll be scarce this week because I'll be off being a bad mom and failing to apply complete coverage to my kids' bodies while they baste and bake in the always-blazin' sun of the Florida panhandle.

Of course, my eternally-optimistic husband reminded me that if I were really a bad mom their whole bodies would be red like that.

This is true.

Hope you all are having a blessed week, and that some of you, somewhere in this country, are enjoying some fall weather and colors on my behalf.

See you when I decide I can't not write any longer.


Debbie said...

I remember a very bad sunburn as a child. I'm just saying that to rat my very bad mother out nearly 50 years too late.

Have a great time!

Melissa said...

Whoa... No fair? I hardly knew ye. Funnel cakes? Smelly beasts of burden? You don't want to experience this? Enjoy the beach!

Denise said...

I remember the same very bad sunburn with the same very bad mother. (Don't tell her we said so). Pretty sure there was no such thing a sunblock back in the day. I'd say Ben doesn't look so bad for a day in the Florida sun.

Have fun!

Sharon said...

Ben does not look that sun-burned, just sayin'

I can vividly remember some of the burns I "allowed" my boys to have. Oh, what was I (not) thinking?? They seem to have survived...

Sunburn seems to be a hobby in California.

Have a great time on your vacation! (Has it already been a year since you went last? YIKES...)


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