Kiddie-tober Mom Things

You thought it was a great idea to "hide" the Halloween candy on top of the refrigerator - a place that has come to be the safe zone for confiscated toys.  Only, you found out that instead of preventing your wily two year old from eating the candy, you just encouraged her climbing skills to blossom even further.  As of the time of this post, you have removed her from the top of your fridge not once, not twice, but three times.

While you pulled five bathroom rugs from the dryer in the laundry room in a time span of 45 seconds, max, you emerged to find that your two year old had retrieved a Gogurt from the top shelf of the fridge, secured a pair of scissors from a kitchen drawer, and opened the tip without so much as a half-second's pause to ask your help in opening it.  More proof that independence is part of the genetic make-up.

Your eight year old continues to make astute life observations.  Your favorite one of late came after watching Aladdin with his little sisters.  "Why doesn't Aladdin just get a job instead of stealing from people?"  We're doing a good job with that kid.  I can tell.  Second favorite?  After watching Jurassic Park with his father, "How do they know that T-Rexes can't see you unless you're moving?"  Excellent question, kid.  They don't.

Your five year old laughs hysterically at potty humor.  You're hoping this is just a phase.  Beautiful princesses shouldn't find the words "underwear" and "poop" quite as funny as she does.

Your two year old has followed in the footsteps of the rest of you and your older kids with the love of reading, to the point that she now requires a few minutes with the light on after our standard two books so she can read herself to sleep.  Literally.

You think it's cute that your two year old thinks most fruits are strawberries...watermelon, cherries, actual strawberries.  Especially since she says it "strawbewwy".  It's only fitting that when you spotted a strawberry costume, you had to buy it for her to wear on Halloween.

You send your two year old after her older brother and sister in the other room for bedtime.  She returns to you with no siblings, while eating a chocolate chip cookie.  Typical.

You watched with amusement as your two girls tossed a pink clothes hanger across the room at each other for twenty minutes worth of giggles.  Who needs fancy toys?  The simpler the better.

After developing a mild case of the "wheezes", your five year old asks you not why you are breathing loudly, but "Mommy, why are you breathing?"  I don't know - so I can not die?

You live for Red Ribbon Week/Spirit Week at school so you can dress your kids up for your favorite of all school events....(drumroll please)....Tacky Day!!!!

(Plus one little "Boo-tiful" sister who wouldn't stay out of the picture.)


Debbie said...

So I just left a big old comment which I personally thought was rather masterful and this stinkin' computer or internet bumped me off while it was traveling. I am so miffed. I just got up and took it out on an unsuspecting granny smith apple.

I said other good stuff, but basically I loved Ben's comment and literally laughed out loud. Go Ben.

Loved the Gomer Pyle reference on a recent comment you made too. We are related somehow. I know that because whenever I get full of rule rage, the family says, "Citizen's A-ray-est! Citizen's A-ray-est!"

And I tried to comment yesterday to no avail about your sleep over. Loved that post too.

Sharon said...

How I needed this chuckle today. You bring back so many memories for me. No matter how old those sons of mine get, I will always fondly remember all the "Mom Things" that live deep in the recesses of my heart. (Plus, I'm still planning to use them as blackmail...)

Such a joy your bunch is, Jennie.

Tacky or not.


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