Ready, Set, School!

We are on Day 4 of our school year, which means I am already completely overwhelmed, feeling ill-equipped, and noticing that my entire house is in shambles (even worse than the norm). Honestly, I'm beginning to think this is where I have to be as a "teacher" for this thing to work. Because I *cannot* do it on my own. Praying for God's grace to cover my inadequacies and for my children to thrive in spite of me. How can I pray for *you* today, friends?
I posted this on my blog's humble Facebook page last Thursday.  It was a day not unlike any of the others.  I woke up, optimistic that things would go perfectly, hopeful that the 484 approximate items on the to-do list (that I no longer officially write down because it stresses me out too much) would all miraculously get checked off, knowing full well that these types of thoughts only cause things to derail faster than usual.

I tried a new thing this year.  We began school before I was "ready."  I didn't clean the entire house first.  I didn't organize the playroom/school room and take a cute picture of it on the first day.  I didn't even have all of the curriculum yet.  It'll be a soft start, I said to myself.  We'll ease in.  Grace is the theme of the year.  I am trying to shed this "all or nothing" mentality that I've worn like a hair shirt for my entire life.  I have to tell you, after 30 years, it doesn't come easily.  But I'm trying.

It's messy.  It's imperfect.  We're already "behind" on some things, and ahead on others.  But...BUT, it's working.  They are learning.  Willingly, on occasion.  And even though I'm a frazzled, discombobulated mess, they are making it.  The dishes accumulate faster than I can wash them.  The floor, which really ought to be clean right now so that creeping and crawling Noah won't locate every speck and eat it, is hopelessly dirty.  The clean laundry pile is only discernible from the dirty laundry pile based on its location on the laundry room floor, and they are both about to earn their own zip codes.  But...BUT, it doesn't matter.  At least, it doesn't seem to matter...to the kids.

On the docket this year, we've got the usual suspects - History, Grammar, Reading, Math, Writing, Latin, Piano, Handwriting, and Science.  Then we've a few new ventures - Spanish and Guitar.  We're tracking all progress with monthly sticker charts, from the ten year old boy to the five year old girl.  This is the first year we're schooling three kids.  And while it's no doubt going to be tough, it's not insurmountable.  Because, well, God.

There are several things I've vowed to incorporate into my thoughts and my heart this school year:

When I get proud and take credit for my kids successes, I need to remember the glory goes to God.  I'm just a proctor.

When I feel ashamed by their behavior, I need to remember we are all sinners from birth and this is not a reflection on me, but a fallen world.  Plus, there's always grace.

When I feel inadequate, I need to remember that God hand-picked me to be the mother to these children, not the fun-mom on Pinterest, not the together mom at the grocery store, not the pretty mom at the nail salon.  Me.  These kids are my responsibility, my gift, if only for a very little while.

When I get frustrated and angry and overwhelmed, I need to remember my blessings.  Count it as joy.  Because oh my goodness, I don't even know what it is to suffer.  I don't know what it means to truly be afraid.  Or hurt.  Or even overwhelmed.  Seriously.

Sometimes I like to think I'm clever enough to come up with ingenious phrases like, "Though it be madness, yet there is method in it."  But then I realize, William Shakespeare I am not.  So instead I resort to taking pictures of my kids doing wacky things, captioning said photos, and calling it a blog post.  This is what I've done to the art of writing.  And that, my friends, is how I'm going to wrap up this one.  Here's the soft opening of our 2014-2015 school year, pictorial edition:

The most frequent question I'm posed regarding homeschooling is, "What do you do with the little ones all day?"  I could write an entire post about this.  It wouldn't contain advice.  It would simply be example after example of them getting into mischief because they are given license to "explore" while we are schooling.  Aside from babyproofing the best we can, we count on the natural bonds of sisterhood and brotherhood to carry us through the day.  Of course, that often looks like this, and may include big sisters sitting on babies, babies pulling hair, sisters throwing things at babies to get a reaction out of them, babies eating school work...whatev -

And then there are those times where the two year old disappears for literally less than one minute only to reappear looking like this (that's diaper cream, folks - it doesn't wash off) -

The day our public schools started back, we took a trip to the "big city" of Macon to do some geocaching, our newest, fun, and practically free (except for gas) hobby.  We hit 100 finds that day.  So, I had to take some pictures and I'm even including a rare "treat" - one of me and Noah, who was quit literally along for the ride.  Yes, that's me attempting to hide my ample belly fat with my forearm.  Mission unsuccessful.  But, on a related note, when I told the nurse the other day at a dr's appointment how much I weighed, she said, "You DO?!  I guess your height helps you carry it well."  So, I took that as a compliment and I'm cutting myself a tiny bit of slack because, five babies.  I keep promising I'll start exercising again soon.  In all of my spare time.  Did I mention it's taken me a full week to write this one post?  Now you know.  Oh right, geocaching pictures.  Geez, girl can go on a tangent.

We have settled into a sort of frantic groove in the past week.  Still figuring things out.  It's always chaos at best to start with, methodic madness, for sure.  Our little homeschoolers are marching to the beat of their own drums, just like weird, unsocialized homeschoolers do.

Like when Leah insisted on wearing swim wings and goggles...to the SPLASH PAD at a Fun Friday homeschool gathering last week.

Or when Abby insisted she could concentrate on her math better in Noah's highchair.

I started homeschooling for my kids.  Because for a lot of different reasons we felt like it was the right thing to do for our family.  What I didn't realize was that it would impact me far more than I imagined.  Every single facet of my sin nature is challenged every moment of the day.  It's all out on the table and I spend most of my time asking for grace, not doling it out.

This is my attempt at honesty and transparency.  I'm cranky and I'm tired and I feel like I'm doing a downright lousy job, but I know that's just something the Master of Lies would have me believe.  So, in the interest of everyone else in my household, I'm off to bed.  Before I end up pulling one of these numbers in my comfy, green chair -

Even still I might have to get me one of these shirts.  Leah and I are two peas in a pod in the crabby department.

Until next time, when I'm hopefully past the frantic, overwhelmed stage and I can report to you in coherent connected thoughts.  Haha, good joke, right?  I can't do that on my best days!  Blessings, friends!!!!  Hope you're all doing great!!!


Sharon said...

Love the pictures, and love the lessons that you are learning in the middle of your perfectly imperfect world. God has a way of messing with our orderly lives, and sometimes we discover the beauty of His orderly ways even though all around is chaos.

Your children are thriving - and so are you - for you are learning the wonderfully difficult truth that He is more than we need, even when we barely have the strength to take one more step.

Oh, by the way, He loves the frantic, the overwhelmed, and yes, even the crabby.

Love trumps all.


Debbie said...

In just a minute, I'm going to google "geocaching";
Yes, I'm that stupid.

I loved this in one hundred different ways. My favorite line (as if I could pick just one from your brain) was "I am just the proctor."

I think I need to make something all crafty with that and put it up in the house somewhere.

Anonymous said...
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