Fewer Words Wednesday (Because we all know I don't "do" wordless)

Rather than focus on the recent failure that was my "Facebook hiatus," I'm going to instead do a brief report on the best days of our life.

The ones that look like this:

Being able to launch and re-launch and take home a rocket for the first time in four years at the annual RA rocket launch.

 Being able to literally lay down during school lessons, because, for some reason, this works for our wiggle worm.

Being able to take creative license with the way toys are actually supposed to be played with...

Being able to emulate your big sister.  For better or for worse.

Exhibiting OCD tendencies early on - by ordering the cleaning products from under the sink in a nice, neat row while Mommy tends to something in the next room for a total of 15 seconds.

Prepping for Shep #5 (10 days and counting until the due date, folks!)

Quality sister time on the backyard swing...clothing optional, smiles required.

Monday mornings.  The same whether you're 7, 27, or 57.

One on one time with this girl, her reaching arms, and her sad little plea of "Bees!" (which is please to the unacquainted listener).

The unfailing smiles and imagination of this girl and her potato chips in a backyard hideaway.

Today was a great day.

And as the clock ticks down on our time as a family of a mere six - I feel the need to vocalize how abundantly blessed I realize that I am.

So to that lady at the grocery store tonight who scoffed at me and my ginormously pregnant belly as I tossed two little girls into a car cart for a speed run through Publix, I say this - maybe you "don't miss those days" because you didn't realize what you had while you had it.  Maybe I agree when you say, "Better you than me," because even on the hard days, I know that these babies are a gift that God has lent to me but for a short time and I'm able (in retrospect at least) to appreciate their charm and wit and shenanigans and pure, unadulterated love for each other and for Sam and me.

For now, I wait (however impatiently and uncomfortably) for the arrival of our newest blessing.  And I pray that he or she will know from the moment they are born that they have been loved from the moment we found out they existed.  They have a home in our family.  And we are so glad God chose us for him or her.

(Hey, if you've got a minute or two and care to wager a guess as to the arrival stats of Shep#5, click here.)

Hopefully my next post will be a birth story.......but I'm not going to get my hopes up that it will be within the next 10 days.  I've been burned too many times with unwarranted optimism.  (Such is life as a cynic, I suppose!)  Hope you've all been blessed in (but not necessarily because of) my absence! 


Sharon said...

Even though you have about a million better things to do besides entertain me with photos of your kids, it sure is fun to see them! I can't believe how big they've gotten in such a short time!

I say, let the scoffers scoff. You and Sam are indeed blessed.

I have entered my *guesses* on your poll. Sorry about the big weight, but it just came to me. If I'm anywhere near to being right, ouch.

Hoping for a speedy and easy delivery, good health - and that I win.

Love to all, and GOD BLESS!

Debbie said...

Well, I don't know exactly what Ms. Publix Scoffer said, but I guarantee it is the opposite of what I say when I see a young mother. I tell them how blessed they are and how much I MISS those days. Yes, I eeked out a piddling two kids, but we had a houseful of noise and love nonetheless. I can hardly wait the two weeks to have it full for a few days again.

(And the Abby Monday picture is my very favorite. It could be a card or a mug. You could create a whole line, coupled with your *Mom Things* and market them.

You know, in your spare time...

Sharon said...

Hope at some point you read this! Congrats on the birth of Noah Matthew! Hope all is well with every single one of my Sheps...

Love to all - and a super big GOD BLESS!

(Sidenote: I came in 3rd!! And Debbie won??? It's rigged.)

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