Not a photographer.

I decided to jump into a photo project at the start of the new year.  Instead of a 365-day project, it is formatted over 52 weeks.  This was a lot more palatable for me.  Hey, things happen.  I knew in advance that there was no way I could commit to a photo every day.  I figured surely I could handle taking a single picture (within the theme) once a week.  We are supposed to get them "posted" by Sunday evening.  Guess when I usually do it. 

Oops.  There's that procrastination thing again.

This takes place within a private group on Facebook, but my photos aren't anything top secret, so I'm going to post them here.  Obviously, it's been going on for a little while (ahem, eight weeks).  So, I have a few photos to back-post.  But since I feel like we are supposed to post just one official photo for each week, I'm allowing myself to use this blog to show you some of the outtakes, if you will, in future weeks. 

Also, I feel more open to caption my photos on this blog than I do amidst real photographers whose work  speaks for itself.  I am not a photographer.  I'm a mom.  With a camera.  Who really, really likes to caption my pictures. 

I'm sure you really care about any of ^that^.  Haha.  That's what you get for reading my blog.

Without any more senseless babble, here are the photos I've posted thus far.

Week 1: Something New or Selfie

Week 2: Toys

Week 3: Favorite Time of Day

Week 4: Windows

Week 5: Rule of Thirds
(For those who don't know what that is, here's a really good description.)

I actually did post two pictures that week, because I was attempting a play-on-rule-of-thirds with my third child wearing a crown.  Get it? It was an unofficial submission because I didn't nail framing the thirds, but by golly, I tried.

Week 6:  Red

Just yesterday, I snapped this one...male and female.  Too bad it was a week late.  Ha!  (It's never too late on my blog.)

Got this one too.

Week 7: Heart

Week 8: Diversity
Those are four of seven sister puppies that my father-in-law saved from the side of the road.  Turns out puppies are even harder subjects than kids.

Sweet girl.  It's just like when Jacob used the rock for a pillow, hahaha.

That's it for tonight.  A quick post of mostly pictures.  Some day I'm going to wake up before my kids for quiet time and blogging time, but so far I haven't been able to make that happen.  Maybe tomorrow?  After all, tomorrow is a new day. 


Sharon said...

I have always loved your photos - and the captions are just icing on the cake! Seriously, I love your wry sense of humor.

It took me a few minutes to *get* the rule-of-thirds thing. But when I did, you earned a very big pun groan. I think that makes it a success.

Keep up your good work, Mom.


(Gonna try one of those thingies up above. Hope it works.) :mj

Sharon said...

OK, you're gonna have to tell me how it works...

Jennie said...

BUMMER! I can't get them to work either. Looks like I have some tweaking to do. Thanks for your sweet comments! I'll work on the smiley situation. :)

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