The Things I Did Not Do

1000 days ago, I undertook a challenge to create a list of 101 unique tasks to complete in 1001 days.  Being the list-o-maniac that I am, it was the "perfect" challenge for me.  What I came to find out is that in 1001 days, the relative importance of line items is subject to change, be it a matter of heart, mind, or time.

As of this post, I am 41 tasks short.  I have until  tomorrow Thursday, June 28th to complete as many of the remaining 41 as possible.

I'll save some time and anguish by reporting to you today, the ones that will definitely NOT be taking place before said deadline.

#15 Organize a community/court-wide yard sale.
 Over the course of the past 1000ish days, I have taken countless minivan loads full of my-junk-that-might-be-someone-else's-treasures to Goodwill.  After doing some research on the amount of effort required for a meager return, I decided this was the better option.  It was also a good teaching moment for the children, as in "We're giving your toys to a good cause" instead of "We're selling your toys so we can get more money to buy other things we really truly don't need."

#22 Highlight my hair.
I'm not a vain person whatsoever.  In fact, I'm pretty sure "plain" is an excellent adjective for me.  I don't mean that in a demeaning way, just a fact.  I'm sure I'd look better if I did something to my hair, but at the same time, I decided that not too many people can say that they have never chemically altered their hair with color.  Someday, when the grays outnumber the browns, I'm sure I'll bite the bullet and dye it, but for now.  I'm good.  That's what I decided.

#27 Reach two news "tens-places" in my weight.
If you count the weight I gained and lost in pregnancy, then yes, I completed this.  Being that I am not back to pre-pregnancy weight, and it was that weight below which I wanted to go two more tens places, I'm considering this one an incomplete.  And barring a miracle, this is not happening in the next two days. 

#30 Play tennis with Sam at least 10 times, no matter how horribly he kicks my tail.
This one is just sad.  We've played one time in 1001 days.  And he kicked my tail.  Playing tennis with four children is...well...nearly impossible.

#42 Pay for the person behind me at a toll booth.
Missed my opportunities on this.  We have no toll plazas in central Georgia and all of our trips up "north", I just wasn't thinking about it.  

#44 Donate blood at least 3 times.
I used to be a faithful blood donator.  It seems that I've been pregnant or nursing for the past...eight years.  So it's been a while...when I wrote this list, I was neither...and since I missed the year before I became pregnant with Leah, I missed out on this entire task.  (Sam, however, has donated every 8 weeks since he began his job on base in 2006.  Pretty awesome, I think!)

#82 Ride a jet-ski.
I really haven't even had the opportunity to make this happen.  And I'm okay with that.

#83 Go kayaking.
When we were in La Jolla, California last year, we considered kayaking the coves with the "Go San Diego" card we'd purchased that would enable us to do it at a super discounted rate.  We called and basically you have to be an expert kayaker to do it.  When we looked at the water, we realized why.  It was intense!!!  We were sure to end up smashed into a sea wall or eaten by seals.  Ha!


#87 Meet at least two more WOHMs and two more LSMs.
These are two groups of "internet friends" whom I "met" online back when Abby was an infant.  The first group was for Work Out of the Home Moms, and the other was for Late September Moms (which Abby was supposed to have been).  Over the past five and a half years, we've managed to grow a close bond through the ups and downs of motherhood, working out of the home, trials and triumphs, you name it.  We've also arranged several meetups across the country.  I had the privilege of going to a few of these meetings in Baltimore and two in Atlanta during which time I met, in person, these awesome ladies who'd been such an encouragement to me.  As of the writing of this task, I have met two additional WOHMs, but no additional LSMs.  And that's not happening this afternoon, I assure you!

#92 Ride a horse...or at least sit on one.
True story:  I'm mildly afraid of and severely allergic to horses.  So this didn't happen...and it was pretty much all my choice.  Some things on this list dropped in relative importance.  This was definitely one of them.

I'll be back tomorrow or later today with a recap of the completed tasks about which I have yet to blog, and I'll include a new list of things I did instead of the specified tasks in the last 1001 days that are far more list-worthy and exciting than things like, "Growing my own pumpkins."  

Did you make a 101 in 1001 list?  How'd that turn out for you?


amy said...

Yes, I made a 101 list, and then dropped it entirely, when I realized that the pressure was paralyzing me. I probably did 5 things out of my ambitious list... going to count. Aha! I did 20 of them! I'm actually feeling better about myself now. =)

Debbie said...

I'd say you did a great job, and I agree about the relative importance changing over time. I still like making lists even though I don't always complete them. It gives me oomph just to have it.

I'm embarrassed but can't figure out what WOHM and LSM stand for. Could you edit and add that? I feel like a stupid today.

Jennie said...

Sorry, Mrs. Debbie! I edited, but you shouldn't feel bad for not figuring those out. (Duh! I shouldn't have abbreviated!)

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