The Little Memories I Hope to Remember (aka Mom Things)

Late one night, long after the kids have gone to sleep, you hear a shuffling noise from the kitchen.  Oh, that was just Sarah pulling the pack-n-play across the entire house.  She brought it to your bedroom where she declared, "I want this."

Apparently it's not all that uncommon for a child to induce vomiting when forced to try a food that they don't like.  It's less common for it to happen when the food that they don't like is a common potato.  Good grief. 

While the whole thing was going down, one sister was laughing and the two-year-old sister was miming an open mouth as if pleading with her brother to comply, because, really, it's just easier that way.

Whenever one of your other children is being reprimanded, the two-year-old declares, "I'm being a good girl."  We think she just wants it on the record, because, you know, she's usually the one getting in trouble.

Case in point:  In front of the large after-church crowd on the front porch of Cracker Barrel, said two-year-old pulled her panties down to her ankles and pulled her dress up to her chin and declared, "I need go potty!"  Yes.  It appears that way, Sarah.  Let's go to the restroom and do that.

Abby's idea of "watching Leah" is dragging her under the kitchen table and reading to her.  You know what, they were both happy.  Sounds good to me.

With only 4 days left in the school year, your pre-k daughter got her first tardy because when you pulled up to the school with 13 minutes left before the late bell, she informed you that she was missing a shoe.  Yes.  A single shoe.  After a momentary lapse in judgment where you contemplated sending her to class in just one shoe, you dropped your second grader off, high-tailed it home as quickly as possible, retrieved the shoe which was dropped about 5 feet from the van door and returned to school only to have to walk inside with your sleeping newborn in a carrier and your syrup-covered, pajama-wearing two year old with shoes on the wrong feet.  When you signed your tardy daughter in you listed "Forgot ONE shoe at home" as the reason.  Maybe the office staff will find that funnier than you did.

You can make your 7-week smile by simply uttering the sound "guh."  If only the other kids were that simple.

After watching Peter Pan with her big siblings, you overheard Sarah with her Barbies saying, "Arggh!  I Captain Hook" and "Hi, matey!"

Despite your aversion to playing with plush animals outside, you can't stop yourself from letting the girls take the Care Bears on the playground.  They have just too much fun with them.


Jade Steckly said...

ok, Leah is super adorable, but almost MORE adorable is the picture of her sister reading to her under the table! You have such cute kids Jennie!

Sharon said...

I always love your photos. Your children's personalities just seem to leap off the page. I loved every one of them - but the picture of Abby reading to Leah under the table was simply precious.

Mom Things are good things - and you are wise to record them. Days pass by quickly.

As far as the "Tardy Shoe Incident" - that will be a thing of the past when you begin home-schooling. Although, knowing your bunch, there will be other creative excuses for tardiness. Like someone barfed a potato...

love you all.


Debbie said...

I'm crazy about the picture of big sister Abby reading under the table. I love it as much as my previous favorite of her reading with Sarah.
Frame them. That's an order.

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