Mom Things with the 3 who aren't currently a literal pain in my back

I listened to Sarah playing with an alligator and rooster bath toy as she simulated a very heated argument between the two over which one likes Tinkerbell.  Apparently Tinkerbell can not be liked by more than one bath toy at a time.  There was yelling involved.  That alligator and rooster were serious about it.

While putting lotion on my feet, Abby asked, "Do you wish I could do this yesterday too?  I could do it every day."  The answer is a decided "yes."  Abby, you can do that any day and any time you feel so inclined.

After discussing with Ben that one of his classmate's grandmothers is in my small group for Bible study, I made the comment that it's a "small world."  Abby chimed in, "You know what the biggest world is? (dramatic pause)  NEW YORK."  (How does she know that?)

Ben took third place in the Pinewood Derby Race for the 1-3 grade category.  The best part?  His elated, "overly demonstrative" reaction to the major award.

On any given night, bedtime looks the same all around our house...

A quarter of a mile from school, Abby realized she didn't put clean underwear on when she got dressed.  She told me it would be okay because she'd change them when she got home.  After all, she and Sarah change their underwear when they play dress up.  I commented back, "Yeah, I know.  Then you leave it all over your closet floor, and I don't know what's clean and what's dirty."  To which she cocked her head, smiled, and sweetly said, "Mommy, you're very smart.  I think you can figure it out."

Abby: Can I brush my teeth now?
Me: You never have to ask permission to brush your teeth, Abby. You can brush them anytime you want.
Ben: (seeing an opportunity) Can I brush mine tomorrow?
No, Ben. No.

Sarah can spend 2.5 hours in someone else's care including outside time on the dangerous playground without sustaining injury, but after spending 3 minutes in a sub shop with me, she leaves with a bloody, gashed eyebrow.

Of course, it didn't stop her band-aided self from jumping off the coffee table repeatedly and with gusto that very same evening.  (And soon she got her otherwise innocent big sister involved.)

You watched the sweet sisters enjoy a snack of mini-tootsie roll pops, but only after they clinked them together and boisterously proclaimed, "Cheers!"

Sarah handed a masterpiece to Sam and said, "Here Daddy.  I made this for you.  It's a roller coaster."  Scariest roller coaster EVER.


Sharon said...

Been a little MIA for a while - been under the weather, and so very busy. Big decisions are looming on my horizon...

This was precious. I always love your Mom Things posts so much. Your children are so fun, and you tell their stories in such a delightful way.

How are you doing? OK?

And did I miss any announcements about YOUR big decision that you were hinting at a while back?

Wow, Nosy Parker all of a sudden, huh?!

I'll be quiet now, and go jump off a table.

love all of you!


Debbie said...

Do you know how people claim to spew liquid on their keyboard in response to a funny post?

Well, that almost DID just happen to me a minute ago. I was sipping coffee (because apparently I'm a slow learner) and I got to the part about Abby telling you that you would figure it out, and I almost spit it out.

That's so funny to me.
Loved this whole post.

I really DO need to learn not to drink and blog read, especially since I'm using a borrowed computer right now.

BTW, I guess the countdown is officially on. After three babies, Little Shep could come any minute. Of course, if (s)he's like my mom's fourth, you will have until the middle of March at least. Comforting, aren't I?

Debbie said...

Good grief. I'm more long winded than Sharon. That's pathetic.

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