The Man who has Everything

Every year around this time and at Christmas, I get a familiar sense of foreboding.  It's all due to the fact that it's gift-buying time for the man in my life, and I have not a single clue ever what to get him.

One time I got him a fancy kind of remote that you don't have to point at the tv to work.  That was my best idea ever...of course, he gave me the idea.  And, of course, it got dropped so many times, we decided we shouldn't buy things like that until at least 2020 when our children are old enough to be trusted not to use remotes as their favorite indoor throwing objects.

The thing is, he's a pretty simple guy.  He doesn't need anything.  If he does, he has it.  And if it's frivolous, he'd just as soon not have it.  It's one of the things I love the most about him.  (And also the reason that he's much better at Dave Ramsey's "gazelle intensity" than me.  I love me some drive-thru coffee and Sonic Happy Hour drinks.)

Last year, I dedicated a blog post to my beloved on his birthday.  I read it last night, and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be able to outdo that this year.

Instead, I'm going to go the cutesy route and interview the kids to see what they have to say about their dear ol' dad.  I cannot guarantee the results of this exercise, but I'm going to give it a go nonetheless.

Question #1:  What is your favorite thing about Daddy?
Ben: He likes to play Wii with me.
Abby:  I like to hug him!  I like to love him.

Question #2:  What would you give Daddy for his birthday if money were no object?
Ben:  Something that would help him do whatever he likes best easier.
Abby:  Shoes!
Sarah:  House.

Question #3:  How old is Daddy?
Ben:  29
Abby:  No!
Sarah:  Daddy.

Question #4:  Where's your favorite place Daddy's ever taken you?
Ben:  Busch Gardens...No!  Disney World!
Abby:  The place where there's water and you get in the log.  (That's Busch Gardens.  Le Flume.)
Sarah:  I dunno.

Question #5:  What makes Daddy laugh?
Ben:  He thinks me accidentally breaking something I own is funny.
Abby:  Gagee!
Sarah:  ***random singing noises***  (She's probably the most correct on that question.)

Question #6:  What's Daddy's favorite restaurant?
Ben:  Bojangles.
Abby:  Steak & Shake
Sarah:  And shake.  (Please repeat after Abby.)

Question #7:  How does Daddy make you laugh?
Ben:  Tickling me.
Abby:  Yes.  I like him to wiggle.  (I don't know what this means.  I might need him to demonstrate when he gets home.)
Sarah:  "Choo choo!"

Question #8:  What is Daddy's favorite food?
Ben:  I would guess steak.
Abby:  I would guess waffles.
Sarah:  Umm, pork chop.

Question #9:  Who does Daddy love best?
Ben:  Me!
Abby:  Me!
Sarah:  Me!

Question #10:  What do you want to say to Daddy on his birthday?
Ben:  Happy Birthday.  (monotone) [pause] Change mine to "I love you".
Abby:  Happy Birthday to Daddy!  Happy Birthday to Daddy!  (singing)
Sarah:  [After hearing Ben] I luh you.

I considered waiting until the kids were dressed and combed to attempt the singing of Happy Birthday, however, they were so agreeable about it, I took the opportunity when it presented.  After all, this is real life.  Bed head, nightgowns, and all.

We love you, Sam Daddy!
Happy Birthday!

Here's to at least twenty-nine more (times two).


Sharon said...

Oh Jennie - How adorable! I can remember when my sons had to fill in the blanks on school projects for Father's Day and the like. Who knew that a man 20 feet tall could weigh only 5 pounds?!

Loved the answers - and the video was too cute, precious, made me smile/cry, etc!!

Sam is a wonderful guy - a super man, a terrific husband, and the perfect dad for three pretty terrific kids (oh, and one lucky fetus...)


(Gosh, 29 - I remember 29 - kinda foggy, but I think I was that young once...sigh)


Debbie said...

Sarah cracks me up in every answer and right down to the song.

Of course, my biggest burst out moment was the response to what makes him laugh. Gagee.

Yeah. She makes me laugh too. Has been doing so since she was my SS teacher decades ago. I don't see her as often as I'd like.

Denise said...

Such a sweet post to honor a great guy! Kids really do say the darndest (is that really a word?) things.

And my "biggest burst out moment" was the same as the sister. Gagee. Love that lady. She makes everybody laugh.

Happy Birthday Sam!

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